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As a member of EO South Florida, we want to help you promote your business successes and highlight your valuable civic activities here and beyond. So we have expanded our communications efforts with a new Member Outreach Program to the South Florida business/entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are promoting EO South Florida to other like organizations, charities and incubators (i.e. Endeavor, Venture Café and more), but more importantly we want to share YOUR great success with these groups, South Florida news media, on EO social platforms and to other important audiences. It’s easy, simply fill out the information below as often as you wish, and it will be forwarded to our chapter’s public relations consultant Ed Gihuly/Left Communication ( Ed will communicate with you on your submission as needed. To provide the best chance of publication, make your submission relevant, unique, and newsworthy. Information and developments that boost our community are great, such as charity leadership, business expansion, increased workforce, new technologies, national recognition, etc.  There’s no guarantee your information will be published, but you can’t win if you don’t play!

Please fill out the information below so we can begin to include you in this enhanced public relations outreach program. The more information you provide the better your chances are of your information successfully being published. This is a HUGE member value, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!


    You only need to fill all of this out one time.


    You only need to fill all of this out one time.
  • Please include all relevant charities, memberships and groups you belong to that we can leverage upon as EO South Florida and help you promote the great work you do within those organizations.

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  • Do you have news? Even just a sentence or two on something you feel is timely or interesting can work. From here, we can help you build a story and maybe a news pitch. If any additional information is needed, Ed Gilhuly will reach out to you directly. Please be responsive to his inquiries…it only helps to promote you!

    1) You can copy and paste your article or PR information below
    2) Attach the document (this can be a completed press release that you have already done)
    3) Type in the box below (up to 500 words) the news worthy information you wish to promote
    • Copy paste or type directly into this box
    • Upload existing article/content
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