Ask the SEXpert - For Your Teenagers

Category    Family
Date      January 21, 2021 / Thursday / 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue     Zoom              New York

Do you wish your teenager had someone knowledgeable to ask all their questions about sex, health, intimacy, dating, hormones, periods, masturbation, etc?!

Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus has talked to the adults in our chapter several times in 2020, and now it's time to assist our teens. Her intent is to give factual, relevant, and honest answers to the topics that teens are struggling with, and to reduce shame and embarrassment about this normal part of being a human.

Pour a glass of wine and relax a bit, while your teen is in the other room on Zoom having their questions answered by a trusted expert!

(The range of experience or lack of experience of the participants will be taken into account when answering the questions. Responses will emphasize respect, responsibility, self-knowledge, compassion, consent, and communication.)


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